Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars is the perfect way for you and your kids to spend your Friday night! It’s on the 4th Friday of every month and we play lots of different group games like Every Man for Himself, Parents vs. Kids, and 4-on-4 Team Death Match. You can bring your own gun or you can rent one of our awesome collection of guns. Gun rentals range anywhere from $2 to $10 depending on the type of gun. We provide all of the ammo and only request that you don’t bring round bullets.

Nerf Wars is for ages 5-15. We do ask that kids ages 5-7 have an adult with them. They will have a much more fun and safe night if we know they have someone to help them out. In addition to fun games, we have professional quality lighting and play an awesome soundtrack of kid-friendly music! This is an experience you do not want to miss. Call The ARK at 573.337.9128 to sign up today. Admission is only $6 including dinner!

Next Nerf Wars will be August 25th from 6PM-9PM!

Kids Night Out: No Parents Allowed!

Kids Night Out is a fantastic program here at The ARK that brings in over 100 kids each month! KNO is once a month on a Friday night from 6:00PM-10:00PM. Not only is this a great opportunity for a date night, but your kids will so much fun they won’t want to leave! At Kids Night Out, they will play games like Musical Hoola Hoops and Toilet Tag. Your kids will also get to watch a fun movie, eat a great dinner and participate in activities like the Obstacle Course Race.

In addition to lots of fun activities, your kids will be placed in groups of kids their age with fantastic leaders to make sure they have fun all night long! We even have a nursery for your infants and a great daycare area for toddlers.* The best part is that it only costs $7 a child! That’s much cheaper than getting a babysitter! Why not bring your kids to an exciting and safe night of games and making friends while you get to have a night to yourselves? All you have to do is call 573-337-9128 to sign-up for our next Kids Night Out, or you can just sign-up when you drop your kids off. How easy is that?

*Kids Night Out is for Infants-Elementary School. Children will be split into different age groups.