Personal Training

The ARK has personal trainers available to help you meet your fitness goals


Our low introductory package is a great way to start and get comfortable with your trainer.
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Introductory Offer
3 Sessions for $79 Members $99 NON-Members

How can a Personal Trainer help you?

  • Stay motivated and fight exercise boredom.
  • Monitor your progress towards fitness goals and keep you focused.
  • Identify weaker areas of your body and help you to get stronger and feel better.
  • Make sure that you are exercising safely, with proper technique.
  • Get you maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you.
  • Modify your workout program to accommodate for unique medical needs.
  • Teach you new and exciting exercise techniques to enhance your fitness program.

Meet Our Trainers


I found a passion for health and wellness over 10 years ago. My motivation came from the need to improve the health of her four children, husband and myself who were all diagnosed “at risk for diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.” My accreditations for Personal Training, Nutrition Basics and Group Fitness were obtained from AFAA. My specialty certifications include Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Yoga 1&2, Silver Sneakers Aqua, Silver Sneakers Circuit, TRX, and Les Mills Body Pump. My most recent achievement came from opening my own personal training business that provides in home personal training services. My future goals include completion of my NASM Fitness Nutrition Certification by September 2016 and maintaining the optimum health and wellness for myself, family and clients. I’m so honored to have been a part of The Ark team since 2012.

Kirstan Carpenter
SilverSneakers® Classic, Yoga 1&2, Aqua & Circuit, TRX, Personal Trainer BODYPUMP™
10 Plus Years’ Experience


I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with 11 years of experience in the fitness industry.  My other certifications include Les Mills™BODYPUMP™ and BODYFLOW®, Turbo Kick®, Silver Sneakers®, and Golden Hearts. I have worked with a wide variety of clientele with different goals and all fitness levels. In recent years, my focus has shifted to working with special populations.  This group includes seniors, as well as clients returning from or working through major injury, medical condition, or disability.

I love to find ways to make the body work when traditional exercises can’t be done.  I approach each client’s needs knowing there’s no one way to exercise. I believe that no matter one’s limitations, there’s always a way to incorporate fitness to improve quality of life.

I am a Florida native who made Waynesville my home 16 years ago.  I’m married to my husband, Jesse, and we have three children, James, Amelia, and Christian.

Adrianne Falge
BODYPUMP™ BODYFLOW®Turbo Kick®SilverSneakers® Golden Hearts, Personal Trainer
11 Plus Years’ Experience


Hello!! My name is Trish and I am 37 years old!  Married for 17 years now and we have 4 children that range in age from 7 to 14.   We have 3 fur babies as well.

Fitness has been something I have always enjoyed, but I have not always had the healthiest expectations of myself in this area.  It has been through lots of studying and growing that I have found balance and peace in regards to my own health.  It is my goal to help others with the things I have learned.  I am a personal trainer and it’s my job to bring a good workout, but I also aim to grow connections with my clients and help them see the bigger picture that we are so much more than what we look like.  Our health is also in what we eat, what we say to ourselves, and how we live.

I have been a group fitness instructor for 3 years now.  I love teaching classes and feel that is where I come alive.  I guess you could say it’s where my passion is.  I found that I also desired the one on one connection as well.  I have been certified in personal training for almost a year now and it’s been equally as rewarding for me.  I hope to share some of my spark and passion for fitness with you.

Patricia Ketchem
Personal Trainer
3 Plus Years’ Experience


Hello everyone!!! My name is Meleena Littlejohn and I am super excited to be training at The Ark. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over five years now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO! My bachelor’s degree is in behavioral health and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Sports and Fitness Management. My personal training and nutrition certifications are from AFFA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America). When it comes to personal training, I specialize in weight loss and muscle building. I currently work full time at the Army Wellness Center on Fort Leonard Wood and pride myself in helping the Fort Leonard Wood and surrounding areas lead a healthier lifestyle. I want to inspire each and every client to reach their goals, whatever that goal may be. We reach ALL goals TOGETHER. Please contact me at 270-839-7841 for personal training details or The Ark in Waynesville at 573-337-9128

Meleena Littlejohn
Personal Trainer
5 Plus Years’ Experience