Rock Climbing Wall

Did you know that climbing walls could be good for you?

Fun, excitement, and personal growth are just some of the positive experiences participants can expect at the ARK’s rock climbing wall. We have an 8ft wall for those just trying to learn how and build their confidence. For the bold-we have a 22ft wall equipped with auto-belay. Come try out the only rock wall in the Waynesville/St. Robert area. The rock wall is open and available during the ARK’s normal business hours.

One benefit of rock climbing is the upper and lower body strength you will develop. Climbers use their upper body to support their weight when moving and their legs also work as they dig into footholds and propel you upward to the next hand hold. Figuring out the best way to scale to the top will sharpen your focus while increasing flexibility and agility. You can also increase your self-esteem and confidence. It improves children’s muscular endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance as well. Rock climbing also builds self-confidence in kids. Kids can set goals of reaching new levels in rock climbing. As you learn more and grow fit, you will be more likely to take newer risks.

Bring your family and friends to try out our rock walls at The ARK and be sure to cheer each other on!

Indoor Track

Stroll, speed walk, race-walk, jog or run on the ARK’s indoor track. The indoor track is a great way to get your workout in while skipping the weather and the hazards of the road. Strollers are welcome.

Children are allowed on the track as long as they are walking or running with adult supervision. Indoor track hours are the same as the ARK’s normal business hours.

The track runs clockwise on even days and counterclockwise on odd days.